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The coverage under the BCGREA Health Care Plan provides comprehensive services to meet your needs and make sure you're financially prepared for any unforeseen costs.


Extended Health Care Plan (Primary Plan):

80% coverage on eligible expenses up to a lifetime maximum of $250,000 per insured person (excludes Emergency Travel). Other inside limits apply.

  • Note: BCGREA Member covered for drugs; non-drug EHC benefits available to Spouse and Dependents only.

Prescription Drug Coverage:

  • Pay direct drug card to reimburse 80% of prescription drugs included in the BC Provincial Formulary (i.e. PharmaCare):
    • Drugs are subject to PharmaCare low cost alternative (LCA) and reference drug program (RDP) pricing.
    • $10 dispensing fee cap and 8% mark-up limit.
  • Eligible drugs include:
    • Drugs, sera and injectables, and compounds / mixtures requiring a prescription and dispensed by a licensed pharmacist.
    • Both non-prescription drugs (with a Drug Identification Number) and supplies required as a result of colostomy or ileostomy and/or treatment of cystic fibrosis, diabetes (e.g., test strips), heart disease or Parkinson’s.
Plan 1:

If either you or your spouse was born in 1939 or earlier, choose from two (2) annual calendar  year maximums:

  • Drug Option A: $1,200 per household.*
  • Drug Option B: $2,500 per household.*
Plan 2:

If both you and your spouse were born in 1940 or later, choose from two (2) annual calendar year maximums:

  • Drug Option A: $1,500 per household.*
  • Drug Option B: $3,500 per household.*

Prestige Travel Plan

  • Up to $2 million for emergency medical issues – No matter your age or health status, you’re covered if you apply within 60 days of your group benefits ending. Even stable pre-existing conditions can be covered. 
  • Interruption and delay - Features you’d usually pay more for, like cancellation insurance and baggage loss/delay, are included. 
  • Extra care - Whether it's care for dependent children, travel for a family member to be with you, or returning a vehicle. It’s all here if you need it.
  • Supplemental travel coverage - You get the same comprehensive coverage for 6 months as you would for 2 months away. Just add the Supplementary Plan to your policy and you’re covered for a long getaway and any shorter trip you take during the year. 

Additional Information on Plans, Application Form and Insurance Certificates:

Primary Health Plan Summary

Alternate Health Plan Summary

Application Form for Extended Health Care & Dental Plans

Certificate of Insurance for Extended Health with Prestige Travel

Prestige Travel Guidelines

Plan FAQ

Claims FAQ


Health coverage is more affordable than you think:

  • Monthly premiums are tax deductible:

With great features:

  • No age limit.
  • Direct-to-pharmacy reimbursement levels to keep your monthly costs within your budget.


* Annual household limit includes $850 of coverage for BCGREA member (reimbursed at 100%)


Johnson Inc. (Johnson) is a licensed insurance intermediary. Johnson provides administrative, consulting and/or claims administration/payment services. Insurance products are underwritten by various insurance providers. *Certain conditions, limitations, eligibility may apply. Policy wordings prevail.

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