Guaranteed Life Insurance

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Life insurance. Also known as “take-care-of-your-loved-ones-no-matter-what-insurance”.


Without you or your spouse, how would your family fare financially? Either one or both of you could be making a big contribution to lifestyle and financial security.

Guaranteed Life Insurance could make a big difference in your family’s well-being.

Even if you already have life insurance through another plan, Guaranteed Life Insurance is an opportunity to top-up your coverage.


You get:

Additional life insurance coverage, in the amount you choose, to ensure your coverage reflects your loved ones’ needs.

It’s a great supplement to other life insurance you may have. No matter where you work, or whether you’re retired, this insurance is yours and goes with you.


How it works:

  • Provides coverage until you are 100 years old. You no longer pay premiums once you turn 100, but your coverage continues.
  • You can apply up to the age of 85.
  • You choose the coverage limit, available in multiples of $2,500.
  • Your premiums don’t increase with age.
  • Monthly automated bank payments make it affordable and convenient.
  • There’s no health questionnaire or approval process.


Like to get an idea of the cost?

We make it as simple and smooth as possible. Let us know a few details, and we’ll do the rest.


Additional information:

Plan Summary, Insurance Certificate and Application Form


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